JEITA EDA-TC Site policy

A committee specialized in EDA technology administers this website. When it is used this site, in this page, a reader gives an explanation about what I please understand.
When it was used this site, it will be assumed that I had these contents agree. In addition, there can be a thing changing site policy without a notice. On that occasion please use being similar about the revised latest contents after having had you agree.

About a copyright

A document / a photograph / an illustration on this site is protected by the copyright which the individual whom (I say contents as follows) consents to the use in a committee (I say this meeting as follows) specialized in EDA technology or this site except a specified thing, and offer it or a juridical person has. I can use contents of this site in no purpose without leave.

About immunity from responsibility

This meeting is not a thing doing any kind of guarantee about contents on this site.
I change it without a notice, contents on this site can be abolished.
When a user took any kind of damage by the use of this site, this meeting shall not take responsibility for compensation for damages at all either.

About personal information protection

I have you offer personal information of a reader on this site, and there can be the thing that I will use it for service to a reader. In that case, I protect personal information as follows.
Personal information to become an object is the information that a full name of a reader having you offer it on this site, e-mail address can identify a reader individual.

When I have you offer personal information from a reader in this site, I state the use purpose clearly and do not use it besides the purpose. In addition, I employ a management representative on dealing with the personal information that had you offer it and perform appropriate management.

This site does not do disclosure, an offer to the third person about personal information of a reader at all as far as there is not consent of a reader. But it shall not be this limit when it falls below.
œ When I have a reader agree on disclosure of personal information.
œ When disclosure is necessary by a law or a request of government offices.
œ When, in administration of this site, I have to disclose personal information of a reader in companies such as the duties trust future.
At this chance personal information to disclose limits it to only a necessary range and shall oblige it to management of personal information of a reader for disclosure.

About a recommended browser

I recommend the browser which is equal to or less than it to have I read this site comfortably and use it.

œ More than Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x ...
œ More than Netscape Navigator 6.x ...

But, by use environment of a visitor, there is the case that cannot use one part of the service that this site sponsors.

About a link to this site

When it is linked to this site, please inform this meeting of URL of a page of the administration subject of a site of an origin of link, a purpose of a link and an origin of link beforehand. Link ahead asks a top page of this site as a general rule.

About this site opinion / question

If there is an opinion / question about contents of this site, refer, and please contact it with a form.