LSI-Package-Board Interoperable Design Process Working Group

The introduction of LSI-Package-Board Interoperable Design Process Working Group

- Background and Objectives

The system operation is getting marginal for noise and timing because of high speed interface and low voltage power supply. By the cost competitive market, the balance of cost and performance in design is more and more important. As of today, the design for LSI, package and board (LPB) has been done individually by the design guideline.
However, the decrease of design margin cause for making hard to set the design guide for LPB separately beforehand. The design target in each part of LPB has to be decided with looking the whole LPB. Which means the design target should be decided by the simulation. For this, the simulation must be done by quickly and accurately in design process.
But, there is no standard model and method/interface around the simulation environment, it takes time and cost to set up, which makes difficulty to cooperate with LPB design sites.
In JEITA, LPB interoperable design process working group (LPB-WG) has been established to seek the interface format to make an effective co-design process,

- Activities

In LPB-WG, Next six standard formats (LPB V2.1) have been developed and released.
IEEE Standards Association P2401(LPB-WG) is working on standardization for these.

 1, Project Management(M-Format)
 2, Netlist(N-Format)
 3, Component(C-Format)
 4, Design Rule(R-Format)
 5, Geometry(G-Format)
 6, Glossary

  See details in LPB-WG home page. (in Japanese)

  Members : 22 committee members from 12 companies.
  Chair : Yoshinori Fukuba /Toshiba corporation