Approved as IEEE2401

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2015-11-20  7th LPB forum & Press conference of IEEE Std 2401TM-2015.(Details)

2015-09-03  LPB format(ref. Ver.2.2) has been approved as IEEE Std 2401TM-2015.

2015-03-19  6th LPB forum (Details)

2014-09-05  5th LPB forum

2014-03-03  4th LPB forum (Details)

2013-12-31  LPB working group(PJ# 2401) has been established in IEEE Standards Association.

2013-11-3  Special exhibition at EDSFair2013, Panel discussion at SDF2013.

2013-06-30  DAC2013 Austin, exhibition Booth#325

2013-04-07  Release LPB Format Ver. 2.1

2012-10-15  System Design Forum 2012 LPB seminar

2012-10-15  EDSFair 2012 LPB seminar

2012-10-15  EDSFair 2012 LPB Exhibition

2012-03-14  LPB seminar for EDA venders

2011-11-17  EDSFair 2011 Nov. Special performance LPB Seminar


LPB format   LPB image

LPB stands for LSI Package Board.
In order to finish the design quickly for competitive products, the party associated with the LPB should be necessary to work together with the common information. Information required to design of LPB should be prepared in advance, and the design results should be exchanged among LPB.
JEITA has set the file and its format for the exchange of information for this purpose.
This is the aim of solving problems quickly and reducing the waste of time of the design process in the value chain of suppliers of parts and materials among the design department.
JEITA LPB standard format
  (1) Project Management(M-Format)
  (2) Netlist(N-Format)
  (3) Component(C-Format)
  (4) Design Rule(R-Format)
  (5) Geometry(G-Format)
  (6) Glossary  

Detail of LPB standard format


■Image of LPB files delivery.

LPB Files


■Data sharing in supply chain.

LPB Value chain

LPB HP English